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Jack Malloch

Jack Malloch

Colorado Springs, Colorado


In earlier years, living in Nebraska, I worked in a variety of formats including painting, printmaking, and sculpture, exhibiting throughout the Omaha and Council Bluffs area. As a resident of Colorado Springs for close to 30 years, and an active member of the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society and the Colorado Springs Art Guild, I now paint primarily with acrylics on canvas or board.

I paint pretty much representational art, rather than anything purely abstract. However, I often begin with natural or seemingly random techniques, like splashes, sprays, salt resists, or applying paint with foil, tissues, and even cheese cloth. I then study these initial efforts, looking for the final image I can reveal with more traditional brush and detail work. Kind of like looking at clouds in the sky and seeing pictures in them.

At other times, I already have an idea of what I want and start out more traditionally, with sketches, color washes, etcetera. I have always painted images that come to my mind, rather than working from an actual scene or location, although elements of real locations may also be incorporated.

I try to focus on the effects of light - grey days, twilight, sunrise, sunset, and strong shadows, striving for feelings of mood, fantasy, and a little mystery.


The Island by Jack Malloch


Hope They Don't Spook by Jack Malloch


Floater by Jack Malloch


A Rose Is Still a Rose by Jack Malloch


The Birds - Night Watch by Jack Malloch


The Birds - Red Sky at Night by Jack Malloch


The Birds - Make a Joyful Noise by Jack Malloch


The Birds - Morning Has Broken by Jack Malloch


The Birds - Watching the Show by Jack Malloch


Long Intermission by Jack Malloch


Three Sheets to the Wind by Jack Malloch


A Quiet Place by Jack Malloch


Roadside Attraction by Jack Malloch


Early Christmas Morn by Jack Malloch


Winter Rain by Jack Malloch


Rainforest Mysteries by Jack Malloch


Signs of the Past by Jack Malloch


Twilight's Last Gleaming by Jack Malloch


4th on the Shore by Jack Malloch


Deep Peace by Jack Malloch


Mountain Meadow by Jack Malloch


Night Life by Jack Malloch


Dawn Fire by Jack Malloch


Mountain of the Holy Cross by Jack Malloch


Late in the Day by Jack Malloch